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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Free astrology for jupiter

Free astrology for jupiter

Author : Hemant Sharma
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Description :  Jupiter in 7th house in Capricorn or Aquarius causes separation, bickerings and even divorce. In mutable signs causes’ more than one marriage though affliction produces irregular unions. Wedding date in this case sometimes is postponed also when afflicted by Saturn or Mercury.

Jupiter in Cancer, Taurus or Libra indicates conjugal happiness provided it is not afflicted.

Partner will be generous, optimistic, good natured, healthy, and prosperous if not rich and conventional. A good Jupiter in 7th house indicates prosperity through marriage but not a happy union. Afflicted Jupiter indicates a boastful, bombastic and self-indulgent partner.

The position of Jupiter in 7th house when not strong by sign, aspect etc. denotes marriage to widower or to a middle-aged person for money and social advancement.

When Jupiter is aspect by Mars, the couple will enjoy sex life to the maximum and be extravagant. When afflicted by Mercury, he will be vain, conceited, hypocritical and possibly dishonest. If by Sun, vain and overbearing. By moon or Venus, prodigal, of wandering nature and affectionate and extravagant. By Saturn it causes separation through divorce or death of husband. A good Jupiter in 7th house is an asset. But badly afflicted will bring bad luck and even serious misfortune. In such a case the husband is noble but will fail to understand his wife. One gets married between 22 and 25 years of age.

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